Tuesday, February 27

ann taylor loft

Ann Taylor Loft is fast becoming a great place to pick up the latest trends in basics. They continue to reinvent the white blouse and have really cute wide leg trousers. I'm also a big fan of the Lantern Sleeve Jacket ($89) and Square Neck All-Over Eyelet Pullover in "Pebble" ($49.50).

Click on "Loft Trends" for assembling clues. There are plenty of cute and affordable shoes, too. I might have to buy that Maggie T-strap.


Lorilee said...

I love that black vest. Who knew Ann Taylor could be so stylish?

marta said...

was in there just the other day. they have a way of making girlie look sophisticated. such cute polkadotted gems too.

jordan said...

Yeah, those t-straps are great.