Tuesday, February 27

marta's pen

My cute friend Marta has penmanship unlike anyone I've ever met. It's an art form. When I got married and needed a few little directional signs and atmosphere-setting quotes for the wedding, it was Marta that I called at the last minute for help. Her creations became some of my favorite and cherished details.

I think this photo contains part of her Free People Swap gift package. She obviously takes great photos, too, of things that would normally look like clutter. Check out her nice-and-tidy-and-artistic blog. It's one of my favorite places to stop by.

(Hope you don't mind that I pulled this from your Flickr account, Mart!)


jordan said...

Love the handwriting!

marta said...

ali, you are too too cute. thanks. wow, what a compliment. you and your way with words!! i am so happy you inspired me to blog my life away. it's an amazing way to connect with people across the globe. especially sweet friends like you!

this photo came from a swap i did held by Hoping For Happy Accidents. we swapped beautiful + useful items. a simple + gorgeous idea.

{i am a regular to your blog too, as your site meter must reveal. thanks for updating so often. everytime there is something new, it's a mini celebration.}