Tuesday, February 27

up for a swim?

I can't believe it's already time to think about a swim suit. Many of Delia's suits are already on sale, making me feel way behind.

This little number might not be as fashion forward as other designs at J. Crew and Urban Outfitters, but at half the price of what those retailers ask, I think it's pretty cute. I'm not big on paying a lot unless wonders can be done for the bod (or confidence), which, get serious, is extremely rare.

I think the rouching on the hips makes a cute detail. The top and bottom are each $24.50.


Lorilee said...

I with you on not spending a lot on a swimsuit. Why would I want to spend tons of money on something I don't really like the why I look in, and wear it a handful of times each year?

liz s said...

i need a cute tankini. target has some cute ones as well.

laceyJ. said...

We really were on the same page today! I need sun, badly.