Wednesday, March 28


Usually considered a "junk" or "filler" flower, I think carnations get a bad wrap that they don't deserve. If you keep them all-one-color, trimmed at equal lengths and packed practically on top of each other in a stout or square container, they're actually undeniably cute.

Who can hate a fun little ruffly flower?--I can even handle some of the spray-painted varieties. No kiddin'.

I might trade in my go-to spider mums for carnations this spring.


jamieanne said...

Interesting. I had a converstion much like this blog post the other day, also involving carnations. I couldn't agree more with you. I like them. And they last sooo much longer than their less stalwart counterparts.

Lorilee said...

Pretty carnations.
I think any flower can be really pretty, just so long the arranger know what he/she is doing.

Ashley A. said...

Three thoughts about the car-nation
1. I kind of like their smell.
2. If you put dye in their water they will take on that color.
3. At Art in Bloom at the Utah MFA a florist made a bunch of round balls of florist foam, covered them in white carnations and hung them from the ceiling. Super fun and only carnations would be affordable for something that required so many flowers.

ali said...

Wow. Great suggestions, Ash. I want to have an event where a big carnation ball is necessary.

angie said...

i agree - a little less flower discrimination - although i am a little discriminating when it comes to leaves - and I am not a huge fan of the carnation leaf.