Monday, March 5

bright scoopneck tees

Jamie and I picked up a few of these Xhiliration tops at Target on Saturday. They fit a little slimmer than I expected them to (they looked wide and flowy on the hanger), but they're soft and come in cute and trendy bright colors. And by bright I might super bright, these photos don't do the true tones justice. There are more colors in store than online: others include chartreuse, (hot) pink, black and white.

Only $9.99. Hint: I'd buy bigger than smaller---they're made for juniors. Plus, I like mine to fit a little baggy so as to be cinched with a cute belt.


tiffany said...

Verrrry cute. I love the idea of them with a belt!

Lorilee said...

If they are cute enough for Jamie and Ali, they are definately cute enough for me. I'll have to go check them out.

laceyJ. said...

Cute! What color did you get? I've been avoiding Target; I'm trying to save $, and it's too easy to spend money on clothes while "grocery shopping."