Friday, March 2

i adore

Adore Vintage got a makeover and I find it quite cute. I've never bought anything from this site (getting vintage clothing to fit correctly isn't a guessing game--try-ons are often necessary) but it makes me want to go to Savers and estate sales, nonetheless, and see what cheap finds are in store for me (and my friends/sisters) over the weekend.

The price points are a little unpredictable, though sometimes fair. The necklace at left is going for $34, and the dress on the right sold for $125---but it's Victor Costa from their "vintage couture" line.

Enjoy your Friday, Saturday and Sunday, everyone! Two of my sisters are in town with their significant others and I'm incredibly excited. I'll see which one I can get to go to the D.I. with me. I might even buy the willing companion a little vintage treasure.


Lorilee said...

Let me know if.. (and where) you find anything good. I definately have to be in the mood to pick over stuff at DI, Savers, or Thrift Town.
Have fun with your sisters!

tiffany said...

If anybody could find a treasure at DI, I am confident it would be you, Ali! Enjoy time with your sisters in the sunshine.

liz s said...

have a great weekend!

laceyJ. said...

I really want to head out to some thrift shops now- were you able to this weekend? If so, please document your finds!

Hope you had a happy weekend!