Wednesday, March 14

five things about me

Lori tagged me a while ago with this assignment and I've been putting it off for longer than I usually put things off. Five things? Only five? I am much better at 100. Five seems so much more definite, which makes it slightly intimidating.

But here are five things about lil' ol' me that are coming out of my head at random--things you may or may not already know.

1. I have nightmares about typos. That, or they keep me up at night. I'll wake up at 4 a.m. and re-read already-published stories to make sure that my editor or copywriter caught all of my mistakes. It's easy to catch other people's errors, but not your own.

2. I love to stay up late, and I'm really good at it. I can keep myself busy until 2:30 a.m., no problem. Midnight is one of my favorite times of day (night?), and it's often when I feel most alive. Curtis and I like to go on hikes at midnight (as long as no more ghostly apparitions appear at Cecret Lake), and we've been known to drive to places like Saltair or Grantsville at 1 a.m., simply because neither of us have ever been there. We're weird/adventurous like that.

3. I love the West. I love being from the West. I have a Western heart and a pair of cowboy boots to match. Montana, Wyoming--bring 'em on. I love ranches, never-ending skies, rodeos, homesteader trails, pioneer histories, the smell of hay, green fields, sprinklers-on-wheels, ghost towns, the Gallatin River Valley, barns, silos, the plains, big lakes. I'll make the 10-hour drive to Wyoming anytime. And I won't sleep for fear I'll miss something.

4. I love to sing; it's a lot like laughing. I used to think I had a pretty good voice but lately I feel like I'm losing it. Which isn't to say that I don't continue to sing in the shower and in the car. Let me lean my head against the window on a roadtrip with the sun pouring through the glass or rain pattering against the window, play a good song while images fly past the car-- and let me throw in my voice--and I will be 100 percent content.

5. I think I'm a restless soul---but not always in a bad way. I just look forward to a lot of things and I get a little impatient with my inability to jump on all the opportunities/experiences I see stretching before me: going back to school, moving to another city or state or country, traveling to far away lands, being a mom, having a "real" career, making new friends, growing old alongside old friends and sisters and Curtis ... things like that. I sometimes have to take a deep breath and tell myself something like, "All in good time, Al." I forget to live in the moment.

Now I get to choose five people to follow me up: Ashley, Jamie, Lacey Jane, Allison and Marta, I pass the baton on to each of you, and can't wait to read what you have to say. And Bridgett, too. I get to choose six, I decided.


Lorilee said...

Man, was that fun to read! Thanks, Ali for sharing all those great things about you. I didn't know about the nightmare type-o's...(I'm sure you get very frightened when you read my blog!)
I love that little restless soul of yours and I know I can always call you any time of night, and you'll be up.

Kim said...

Good job Ali, I've been putting my 5 things off as well. I can totally picture you up at night thinking of typos! You probably want to correct every one of my comments! Sorry if I keep you up at night. I'm glad you haven't moved out of the city/state yet. Maybe you should just settle in SLC.

Dede said...

That was fun to read Ali!

Annie said...

I'm a phantom reader delurking to say "me, too!" Your five things sound very familiar; I'm like you but [I'm guessing here] 15 years older...a restless soul who's had to settle down for the time being ;).
Hence my blog name ambitioushomebody (could have been restless or wandering or trip-planning).
Fun blog to read!

jamieanne said...

I already knew most of these things, and even got a bit teary eyed revisiting the Sheridan, Wyo. posts. Grant says they are among your best. But the "souled out" typo sign had me rolling!

tiff said...

This was so fun to read! Number two I especially love, because I used to be this way. I loved staying up late and Ryan and I would venture out at wee hours for fun before there were wee ones. Soak that up while you can. I still miss it. :)

fergi said...

hey ali,
i'm with you on the rodeo's, lehi roundup is the best, but i've never been to vernal's.

laceyJ. said...

ali- thanks for the challenge! but, it'll take me some brainstorming before i can come up with something.

btw, i think you have a great singing voice... in our never-formed band, i'd pick you to be the vocalist. :)

becky said...

Hey! It's great to learn more about you! Thanks for sharing a part of you!

Shelby said...

Of course I love number three. However, I am getting a little antsy here in the secluded west. The lack of shopping is really getting to me. I still love that your mom is from Sheridan. Such a pretty place that I would love to live.

allison said...

I loved reading those Ali! I'll try and come up with my 5 as soon as I can...although it might take some time. (I too, am a huge fan of the West and big open skies) :)
your typo nightmares really made me laugh.

sarah marie said...

umm..hello..did you know i'm from grantsville?!