Tuesday, March 6

google texting

Jamie introduced me to the "Google Text" sometime last year and I employ it faithfully.

All you have to do is text 46645 (which spells G-O-O-G-L), and enter your zip code and the place you're trying to find the address/phone number for in the text box. Google will write you back within minutes--sometimes seconds. It's the best, and has gotten me out of many a pickle, like the time when I had to cover the Imogen Heap show and somehow lost my brain and couldn't find the venue.

Regular texting fees still apply through your wireless provider, though no charges are incurred by Google. Get some practice and have all your other questions answered here.

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Lorilee said...

Wow, I didn't know about that Ali, thanks for the idea! I'm always calling 1411...and the computer voice is so loud it blows out my eardrum every time... so texting will be much better.. and easier on the ear :)