Thursday, March 15

jacket weather

Mmm. Nothing says spring like, as Julia Gulia would say, "jacket weather." I've loved breaking mine out of the closet this week. These ones are cute too.

Left to right:
Smock Jacket, 50 pounds, Topshop
Piped Detail Waffle Jacket, 55 pounds, Topshop
Ann Jacket, $24.80, F21


jamieanne said...

I find that the one thing NY is lacking is TopShop. How is it possible to covet their clothing so much, when I have every other designer name at my fingertips?

ali said...

I thought one MIGHT be going in there on the isle of Manhattan. That or L.A. but I haven't heard anything recently. May be time to do some digging.

Lorilee said...

Ali, I quoted Julia Gulia today! Actually, Robbie Heart, quoting Julia Gulia...saying "it isn't jacket weather anymore". I love that movie almost as much as I love those cute jackets.

ali said...

I might love the movie more.