Monday, March 5

j.crew jewels

J. Crew has fixed itself up with some really cute jewelry as of late. Too bad they're way too expensive. No offense, but sometimes I think J. Crew needs to be reminded that they're not designer, nor boutique.

Regardless, I'm a pretty big fan of the Hand Painted Laurel Garland Ring. Hand painted? OK, then. Maybe we are getting closer to designer. I'd be more willing to pay $45 if I knew who the artist was behind it, but it looks like it's imported.


jordan said...

I was reading an article the other day how last year JCrew made a strategic decision to put more money into designing their clothing etc. in order to raise the caliber of the line and go higher-end. Apparently the line has been doing very well.

Which I have to agree they have coming out with great stuff recently.

lane said...

Earth to J. Crew: You're not couture!

That's interesting that they've been putting more money into their design. I think they're trying to be Coach for clothes or something. Maybe I'm just bitter because I can't afford it :(

Anonymous said...

hey ali
I'm obsessed with this ring. i wish I bought it while it was still online./ will you update any info on the garland ring?