Monday, March 5

zines on etsy

I like to look through the collection of zines on Etsy. In college I had a classmate who made zines and I was never quite sure what they were. Years later, I know it's because a zine can be many things: an unpublished collection of poems or photographs, coloring books or comic books. Or anything else.

I like Rustic's An Animated Field Guide to Fairies Fantasticus because it's practically a 3D collage. Stephanieland's Summer in the City interests me because it seems to be a series of photographs that tell a story. Though the execution isn't my favorite, I like the idea of one called 8 Things I Love simply because its subject matter is one that makes the zine world approachable. The illustrations in the Baby Zodiac Monsters Coloring Book make me laugh.

I also find myself amused by the Ker-Bloom letterpress series and stories by Sugarcookie. See for yourself; I hope you're left inspired.

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