Thursday, March 1

to robin from meredith

Marta tipped me off to the Beautiful Use Project, hosted by Hoping For Happy Accidents. Participants were invited to swap three objects that are "utilitarian, simple and beautiful." And they were reminded to think about the beauty in the everyday.

Love it. I wanna play next time.

Registration has closed, but you can click here to see all of the fun and thoughtful and pretty things bloggers made for each other--like this package Meredith made for Robin.


tiff said...

I love this idea! I had a "favorite things" party a few times with my girlfriends, where we exchanged our favorite less-than-$5 things. It was fantastic, and we all got to feel like Oprah for a night.

Sara said...

Ali Brighton,
My day was made when I saw your comment on my blog. . . it has been far too long my friend! How are you? Just have to say how much I love peeking at your blog now and then (I found it through Becky's a while back), always so inspiring and a very worthwhile visit. Hope you are healthy, happy and well.