Thursday, March 1

welcome to march!

Thanks again, Kate Spade designers. I can't say enough about this calendar. (See this post.) I love to be welcomed into a new month with a big batch of daffodils and a big garish ring, especially when it's been blizzard-ous here.


Brad K. said...

Yeah March! Bring the warmth.

BBQs before you know it.

jamieanne said...

I too am obsessed with this calendar. So much so that I'm worried I'm starting to wear it out. And I get really worried when things start to wear out. So I need 2 - one for using, and one for saving!

Honey said...

They're daffodils... a classic sign of spring and sooo much better than dandelions.

I think you've got dandelions on the brain bcuz of that book you're reading!

ali said...

Ha! Mom, that's so funny. You read me like a book.

p.s. I promise I know the difference between dandelions and daffodils. I worked in a nursery/flower shop for a good 24 months of my life.