Thursday, April 26

thank you for blogging

There's no denying my love to blog. And by "blog" I mean read, write, learn, make friends, be enlightened, share ideas, gain inspiration, be amused, seek help.

It's a hobby often put into question, even by those I'm closest to. All I can say is that I enjoy staying in touch. Sharing pretty things. Peeking into the lovely homes and minds of others. Recording my somewhat insignificant thoughts and experiences, and trying to give them shape by making them permanent on my little space on Blogspot.

I continue to come across the blogs of friends of friends of friends, and as I do, I couldn't be happier that Lacey introduced me to Bloglines. I'm not sure my sidebar could host the slew of cyber homes I visit daily ... or at least every other day, from New Zealand to England to New York to Florida.

When I was in elementary school my teacher had us fill up helium balloons and stick a note inside containing our name and the address of our school before securing them with string. We ventured single-file to the green field, and released our hopes and balloons into the grey sky. I imagined mine made its way not through the ground as I assumed was the way to get there, but through the air and clouds to China. Nobody ever wrote back.

Now, they do.

Thank you to all my penpals, for letting me catch a glimpse of your brilliance. And for letting me know what you think of my chance at it.

Join Bloglines here, and get a little "love me" button of your own, so it will be easier for all of us to keep track of you. If you like.


little special said...

this is a lovely post.

no-one ever replied to my balloon messages either......we're making up for it now though!

off to check out bloglines!


maggienikole said...

hey me neither, funny you should mention it, i have been thinking about that lately. something else we did, which come to think about it isn't really environmentally friendly... was drop bottles in the ocean with our information in them and wait for a reply. none came from that either but, it was really fun!

as laura said, glad to be making up for it now!

tiff said...

I, too, had a disappointing balloon experience, and am also glad to be making up for it as an adult.

Thank you for summing up the blogging experience. You said it just right. I feel more connected to family, friends, and new friends than ever before in my life.

I'll definitely check out Bloglines.

Kim said...

I'm really glad you found a hobby you enjoy and that all of us can benefit from! Thanks for blogging Ali.

jamieanne said...

This is a great post, Alibelle. Especially considering our recent conversations about blogging. And the photo is beautiful and appropriate. Maybe the beauty is in the eye of the beholder...I'd recognize the rays of sweet sunshine on that door anywhere! xoxo.

alyson. said...

isn't it funny when you feel like you're right on the same brain wave as someone? I was just thinking about posting earlier today, "why I blog".
your thoughts are lovely. pen pals/blog friends are super!

I'm Andrea said...

love this post ali. my thoughts exactly. thanks for blogging.

liz s said...

no thank YOU for blogging! isn't it fun? i love it too. maybe i just like talking about myself and thinking others care about what i talk about

ali said...

Thanks for your comments blog friends, and friends who blog.

I love Bloglines because I open my feed in the morning and it's like my own little magazine, with all of you as the columnists/contributors. It's ideal. Except that you can't leave comments.

Les M. Blake said...

For the Google freaks out there, like myself, Google Reader is the same concept and extremely slick.

Thanks Ali

Lorilee said...

wait up, I want to comment too.
I love being able to communicate with you everyday Ali.. and peek into your ever developing talents.
Thanks for always sharing.

ashlynn said...

I agree! Bloglines saves time for me during the week but on the weekends I go without bloglines.

Today I found out my boss found my blog (which is totally a hodge podge of info) & he asked why I do it. Thanks for explaining it!