Thursday, May 3

confession 4: me + aqueduct

Sometimes my writing lets me interview cool people like musicians. A few weeks ago I got to chat with Dave Terry prior to the Aqueduct show in Salt Lake.

The interview doesn't necessarily reflect it, but I was a bit enchanted. When I asked, "Are you outside? Are those birds I hear?" and he said, "Yes, aren't they great?" I knew I liked him.

You can read the interview here, if you want. (For some reason when the stories hit the web a few typos always sneak their way in; please disregard.) I'm not comfortable sharing my work on my blog, but I think that might be part of getting real.

p.s. My favorite Aqueduct song is "Heart Design."


celeste said...

Cool article, Ali. Did you go to the show?

Sarah said...

Oh you should post more of your own work here! I didn't realise that you had these connections. You have the best job! Ditto Celeste, did you go?
I've only heard one Aqueduct song - (thanks to the OC) so think I will hunt more out especially Heart Design. Cheers.

lane said...
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lane said...

This is so cool, Al! I was crushing on DT just reading your article. He sounds awesome.

My favorite Aqueduct song is "Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights" which was introduced to me by Emily Cox (as is 90% of the music I listen to).

emily said...

Um. it's probably not a true confession (since everyone seems to know it).. but i totally have a huge crush on dave. Everytime i see him i have a hard time talking (sigh)

Your interview with him is really good. But i haven't seen any gangsta rap pop up on my space. yet.

laceyJ. said...

Fun! He has a full band now? Hmmm... I sorta liked the solo thing best... But, that's okay. You asked good questions...! he seems really nice.

James said...

great article Ali. DT sounds like a super nice guy.

brooke romney said...

Great article Ali. I know nothing about Aquaduct, but I do know that I loved how you introduced the article. Your writing is fabulous and I'm glad you are able to do it for a living. Congrats.
Brooke Olsen Romney

Tonia Conger said...

Ali, You should consistently link to your work. You're a great writer and who wouldn't want to brag that they talk to musicians?
BTW: Aquaduct is playing at the Sasquatch Festival at the end of this month. I'm taking an RV roadtrip all the way to George, Washington.