Tuesday, May 1

making me blue ... aqua blue

The kindness of strangers. I didn't realize how elated I'd be at getting my swap package from Kelly. But truly, opening my box matched the excitement level I reach on Christmas morning. A gift from a faraway friend in a faraway land--especially for me. Mmm.

Here is a little photographic documenting of the unfolding of events yesterday afternoon:

Surprise, surprise! A package for me on the same day Kelly received hers.
Our packages were like ships passing in the night.

First glance at goodies. The aqua blue instantly caught my eye. And the aroma of handsome smells within caught my nose!

Couldn't believe all the goods inside:

First uncovered yummy tea; bubbly glass votives with aqua blue candles--which slide right in with my decor; and a sweet handmade note.

Then discovered beautifully-buttoned bag, made by Kelly. (Sigh!)

Didn't end there: Inside the bag? A mellow cd, just for me, and "Living, Etc.": a cool British mag I've never heard of before and have thumbed through five times since. Curtis likes it, too.

Close-up of bag embellishments.

Sneak-a-peek inside my new bag. Love the "made with love today" tag sewn-in and polka-dot pocket.

Am currently chillin' out to my mellow mix and being swooned by voices in foreign languages and a lovely cover of "Just Like Heaven" and "Cherry Blossom Girl"--the pretty song had totally slipped my memory.

Lastly, I adore the notes Kelly made; had to make sure you could see them.

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop.

Thank you so very much, Kelly! Am going to keep tabs on you.


Sarah said...

Lovely loot! Living etc is great. I also love the pukka tea! And the bag. Please share more of your cd, you got me intrigued.

Lorilee said...

I can't wait to see the bag in person... I don't think the photos are doing it justice.

jamieanne said...

What a sweet lil' treat from across the pond. You two were meant to be.

Tonia Conger said...

I'm doing this swap next time. Everyone is so creative and thoughtful. What a fun thing to come home to.