Wednesday, May 30

nyc: uniqlo

Floor to sky-high organization at its color-coded best.
I adore this website just as much: it's like having one of those rotating closets.


Lorilee said...

I was lucky enough to visit uniglo too, and loved loved the organization of the store. you know me :)

Chelsea said...

OK, that is to die for. I am truly loving all your NYC posts!

jamieanne said...

This place is an organizers dream. Their clothes are pretty sweet too.

g-money said...

Alright dude...G-Money is still gettin no love from alilovescurtis. I have seen references to Jamie, Lane, Olivia, etc etc. However, I have not unearthed even the slightest hint of the trip's patriarch: G-Money. I lent you my wife for the week in NYC, after which you whisked her off to SLC, leaving me a lone man in the NY Sizzle.

I hoped it wouldn't come to this but you have left me no choice: blogcott.