Friday, June 29

tied up with string

A few favorite things I tried to make tangible and send over to Mrs. Dub.

*birthdays: candles
*sugar cookies: Bakers de Normandie "Butterdream" (thanks for the introduction, Lori)
*miniature things: coin cards
*aqua blue/sea green: coin cards
*cheap, trendy jewelry: F21 studs
*vintage-ish stuffs: Polaroids
*reading: a journal and list of some of my top picks

I'm so happy she liked it. And that the cookie didn't melt and goo all over the place.


Lorilee said...

cute package... looks like Normandie is making 4th of July cookies...can't wait to go get one.

jamieanne said...

What a lovely little bit of you all wrapped up.

alyson. said...

I love that you sent birthday candles. absolutely love it.

cruststation said...

Such a beauitful package tied up with string, so sweet of you for including the candles and wonderful cookies.

jordan said...

I love those candles. Where did you get them?

Caroline said...

i love bakers de normandie.. I used to go there all the time.. but, my mom and i tried to go a few weeks ago and it was gone? Did it move? Let me know where if you can :)