Friday, June 29

happy birthday, blog (making me happy)

Today my blog turns one year old. And never have I felt so schizophrenic. In the beginning, I wrote about my goings-on: for my friends and family ... and myself. My only blogging pals at the time were Brad and James and Dede, and I think Robby, too. I remember calling Dede to find out how to properly post a photo.

Not too long after, many friends and family members followed blogging suit. Hallelujah! Seeing (reading) them on-screen is sometimes as good as seeing them in person. Other times, it is entirely different from face-to-face interaction, but in a good way: writing is, to me, a very personal form of communication. Even your punctuation can give you away---not that you don't know how to properly use a semicolon, but that you might have a second voice that constantly interjects your thoughts and gives way to the use of superfluous parentheses. (Like me.)

Last summer, I updated my blog from time to time (you might notice that August 2006 is non-existent in Ali Loves' history). Then I started updating a lot. Then I mellowed out. I don't always feel like I represent myself adequately; my real personality--sometimes my very character--gets lost in posts about cheap-but-cute T-shirts and shoes I can't afford. I am not a Martha Stewart. I am not a stylist. I am not a photographer. And my life (not to mention my wardrobe) is not as pretty as my blog might make one think.

Though I have a little knack and love for these types of things, I think my best posts are my early ones. The ones where I really wrote. The ones where I wasn't afraid of being a little strange, or at least a little honest. But I make friends more readily with itty bitty design-y shopping posts. (And I really like to make friends. There's that honesty again.) And there's no denying that design-y shopping things are part of my biological makeup. The most popular posts are the ones wherein I decided to let my guard down. (Thank you, BlogTonia).

So, who is this Ali that loves Curtis? She's just a girl who loves to record things. She likes to write and shop and hangout and photograph. And write some more.

Sometimes she feels like a fashion editor.
Sometimes she feels like an essayist.
Sometimes she journals.
Sometimes she still wants to be a little girl.
Sometimes she wants to be a photographer.
Sometimes she feels like a bad real-life friend.
Sometimes she feels like she needs cooking lessons, or maybe just a maid.
Sometimes she feels like a pretty good spouse, when she's not blogging.
She always loves the west.
She loves to share information.
She has a slight shopping problem.
She is funny sometimes, but it's usually by accident.

Despite the identity crisis that makes her who she is (and makes her talk in the third person, apparently), most of the time, she feels lucky to have stayed in contact, come back into contact or created contact with so many fellow bloggers. Sometimes she feels foolish for liking to blog so much, but hey, there are worse addictions. And worse ways to make new friends.

Again and again, thank you for blogging.

{And happy birthday to Lacey Jane, one of my most favorite people in this entire world, too. As I wrote in a comment on her blog the other day, she is both young and old: playful and wise, talker and listener, goofy and sophisticated. I love the little juxtapositions that coexist within Lacey Jane, and make her an always-interesting and reliable individual. My blog couldn't be more honored to share this special day with her ... (and that includes her lovely twin sister, too). Go tell her happy happy!}


Chelsea said...

I also have a love-hate relationship with blogging, worry about the discrepancies between me and my site, and sometimes resent the time it takes. Thanks for expressing this so eloquently and keep blogging!!

jamieanne said...

This makes me adore you more than I already do. Happy Blogday!

Lorilee said...

Happy Blogday from Lori too. I love knowing you are always there..whenever I need to look, morning, noon or night.

lane said...

Happy happy to one of my favorite bloggers. You always have something of substance to say, and your blog is a fun way to pop into the world as Ali sees it, even though I'm thousands of miles away.

Keep up the good work.

Krista said...

no no, thank you for blogging. thanks too for the referrals to favorite NY bakeries, i will have to keep it in mind next time i'm over there. I have no idea about the SPRINKLES mixes but am curious too...we will have to wait until Marta bakes up hers that she received from her swapping partner.
Happy Birthday alilovescurtis!

becky said...

happy blogday ali! your post truly captures you and that's what i love about you. you're honest, friendly and creative. i'm glad i can call you friend!

p.s. on another note, i'm going to email you your next gno with me!

Sarah said...

Happy happy birthday to Ali loves Curtis.
Such a sweet blog and so sweet to make a blogging friend in you!
Actually I have looked back and read your posts a while ago and I like each and every one of them. Whether you be blog Ali, real Ali, speaking in the third person Ali, writer Ali, design Ali, photographer Ali. Your writing should be read because you are good at it and you make me smile and laugh too.
And your making me happy lists are a weekly delight.
Please don't stop!

tiff said...

Ali, you are absolutely adorable and your blog is one of the highlights of my day. Though we've never formally met (but most likely been in the same place, like my brother's wedding) I have thoroughly enjoyed our e-friendship. You are always so kind and complimentary all along your path.

I too have felt silly for the time spent and enjoyment gained from blogging. Why does it seem like such a guilty pleasure? It shouldn't. I'm grateful to blogging for helping me to meet many new fascinating people, including you!

I love your shopping recommendations, your site recommendations, and your observations. Such variety and unique finds! Thank you for liking your blog so much. It's a gift to so many others.

Now, go take your fabulous little website out for some birthday cake!

(By the way, I'm one of those people with a semi-colon problem. I hate them. I envy you.)

nydampress said...

Congrats and greetings! I first found your lovely blog when posts lead me to your balloon photo shoot. And I was smitten! Your posts are always special and sweet :)

dede said...

Happy Blogday! I love to read your blog. It has helped me through those long days at the office.

I hope the next year is full many more fabulous posts!

jo said...

dear ali,

this is the very first time to post a comment for you, though i've been reading your blog for a few months now.

I enjoy it so much and always look forward to your next post. i find it very, very sweet & honest and full of color.

congratulations and thank you!!!

kelly said...

i'm so happy that i got to find your blog + you through our little swap...i love reading it + i love how you have so many facets to your character. how strange that we live so far apart + yet i feel i'm in touch with you more than some of my real-life-can touch friends : ) keep recording girl! love from kelly xx

Ashley A. said...

I can't believe it has only been a year. Doesn't it seems a lot longer? But in a good way. It seems just yesterday I weas checking out your pics of Sheridan from one of your first posts and missing the Big Sky country. Happy happy.

aimee heff said...

Janae Richards Janke is my cousin-in-law and many of my friends know you though I don't...but I do a little bit through your blog. It is truly a beautiful piece of art. You are witty, creative and so interesting to read about and like the commenter dede said it makes my office day more bearable to have your tidbits of widsom keeping things spicy for me.

I was thinking the other day (and telling Janae) that I need a write a letter to some important person about getting Your Heart Out picked up by their local newspaper/magazine. I want to write and tell this important person what an important part of the local blog community it is and that these girls need to be doing this full time so it is worth their while and will never leave us. If you need a fan letter, let me know!

Anyway, thanks for all your words on Ali loves Curtis and Your Heart Out. They are priceless.

Aimee Heffernan

cruststation said...

Happy Blog birthday Ali, I love your lists as always, you have a way with writing, your photographs are always interesting and I hope there's many more years to come.

laceyJ. said...

I will never forget A+C's blogday now! Can't believe it's been 1 year. Thanks for the inspiration to get me to start my own blog. This blog is truly an inspiration. I love it.

Thank you, too, for your sweet words... You're such a good, good friend!

Robin said...

I've only been a reader for a little while now, but I admire your writing and your style, and also the fact that your blog is smart. It's enlightening and entertaining. Keep it up!

ali said...

Everyone: You are nice, and I love kind words from friends old and new.

Thank you much!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!

I am so happy I discovered your blog a little while ago, it is definitely a daily read. Keep it up!

angie said...

ali, i see your name on everyone's blogroll these days! and its because of blogs like this - real and so lovable. i love to peak in!

Tonia Conger said...

Ali, I love this post. It really captures the identity crisis so many of us go through now and then with ourselves and the things we create.

I, like everyone else, love the variety in your blog. It's sweet and sentimental. Artistic and insprirational. It has beautiful photography and fun shopping tips. And the travel-log stuff is fun to read, too.

I'm glad you're continuing to blog because I'm a regular and feel like I know you just a little bit because of it!