Tuesday, June 12


And as long as we're talking about Kate Spade around here, I might as well display these wonderful, downloadable wallpapers from Behind the Curtain, which I mentioned on Friday. The Spade crew uses them (semi-ironically) to cover old books, but I wish to blow one up and hang it in my house. Maybe over my bed. Or in my study, except I don't have a study. Yet.

But, like I said, I like old book covers.

See here
and here.

More info under "Summer Reading."


jamieanne said...

Why not blow the whole set up, and wallpaper one whole wall with it? That would be rad.

Ashley A. said...

I went to class with Corey about a month ago because it was Kate Spade case day. I read the case on Kate and Andy and how they got started, grew, and then bought out. Kate is a design genious- unfortunately not a business genius. I'm sure they made their money and are more than comfortable though.

lane said...

I thought notebooks with old book covers were cool--but this takes it to a whole new level!

This makes me want to buy more hardcovers over paperbacks, just so they will be cool someday.

brooke romney said...

Love book covers, love books. So fun. Can't wait to get together while I am in town. It really has been 10 years since I've seen you. The picture on Lori's blog for your birthday is how I remember you, so I'm sure I'll be surprised by the sophisticated, beautiful new Ali. If you would ever put a pic on your blog, I would at least recognize you when we meet at a restaurant!!!!

cruststation said...

What a fun link, I love Kate Spade.