Monday, July 16

the cyclysm

I don't dig sports. But every year there is one event that captures me: Le Tour de France. I think my love affair with "The Tour" started four years ago, and I think I have Tim to thank. It was the year that Lance met/broke records; the year where a spectator's handbag got caught on his handlebars and nearly derailed him. The year Jan Ulrich took a nasty spill in the time trials. The year I learned that "nothing can stay these couriers."

I think the reasoning for my love of The Tour is multifaceted: I get to cruise by charming French chateaus and villages with the cyclists. I get to see footage of speeding-by lavender fields and crystal-clear Alpine lakes. And I like a sport with history and a sense of propriety (nevermind half-nude fans and juicy doping scandals) where finishing stretches down the Champs Elysees are marked with celebratory glasses of champagne.

My favorite team jersey: Francaise des Jeux
My favorite tour jersey: the polka-dot, of course
My favorite team: Discovery
My favorite team name to say aloud: Euskaltel Euskadi
My favorite rider: Vinokurov (Sorry, Leipheimer)
My favorite surprise: Linus

No, I don't ride a bike. Though my idea of a really great bike, at the moment, would be something like this: fun on wheels.


Brad K. said...

Yeah Le Tour!

By half-nude fans are you referring to fake Borat from yesterday? That made the stage for me.

Rachel said...

I agree - the tour is my favorite sporting event to watch too!! I can't believe they rock those hills so fast.

Tonia Conger said...

now I wish I had been watching it. you make it sound so inspiring and sexy.

Catherine said...

I have had to watch bits and pieces because rd is a little obsessed and I have to agree it totally sucks you in, the amazing strength of them all and not to mention the beautiful scenery! I am a growing fan!

jamieanne said...

Euskatel Euskadi is TOTALLY my favorite to say aloud too! That was a great summer 4 years back...cinnamon gummy bears, fountain drinks, waking up at outrageous hours just to catch the action. Thanks Tim!

Ashley A. said...

Ooooh, how about that Linus?! I want to see someone do a tour on a tandem- now that would be amazingly entertaining!

Ryan & Nici said...

I found your blog through James and Dede Crowley cause your blog is on theirs. I don't know how you know them, but I found this cycling post and am in love with the tour. My fav is (was) Vino. It was such a compeling story this year cause of his early wreck and people were counting him out. I think everyone was pulling for him. When I heard the news that he tested positive for blood transfusion I almost cried. His time trial win was amazing. Then yesterday it was amazing to see him come from behind and win that stage the way he did. I am shocked and cannot believe that a man who everyone looked up to would do that. Then Astana pulled out. I can't believe it. Anyways... the tour goes on go Disco!