Friday, July 13

making me happy this week

1. Little Max in the big swimming pool.
2. Photos of the Orla Keily flagship store in Covent Garden on Decor8. (Just scroll down a bit.)
3. Marcie's photo of a brand-new baby llama.
4. Jo's Dream Collector photo collage.
5. Cute, green cardboard house for her little ones at Fine Little Day.
6. Little Mr. Van made his debut a bit early. (Kim's a mommy!)
7. Dell's new commercial for colorful Inspiron notebooks.
8. Beautiful, natural daylight in Michigan.
9. Pink and yellow Dualit toasters; turn your kitchen into an ice cream parlor.
10. Riding a tandem bicycle around Mackinac Island with Ashley, then Corey, then Ashley again.
11. Cool, unexpected architecture in Midland, thanks to Alden Dow.
12. Experimenting with and enjoying cool new voices. Thank you, Lacey.

{On a sidenote}Making me unhappy:

1. The cute pencil cups I referenced last week sold out. It didn't even occur to me that she would sell them, and then when I found out, it was too late.
2. I miss C.


jamieanne said...

Oh, geez...I want that Orla Kiely store all for myself.
And those Dualit toasters aren't half bad either.
Max too! Max too!

Mrs. Dub said...

small world strikes again, A. i linked to kim's blog - because i love the name Van since it's been in our fam forever - and realized she's married to a guy who served his mission with me and was in the mtc with me at the same time.

we should really do lunch. michigan isn't that far ...

laceyJ. said...

I love that photo of Max swimmin'! So cute. Can't wait to see all your gorgeous pictures from your trip.

(Glad you like those new voices, too!)

Ashley A. said...

me thinks michigan is that far.

jo said...

i´m so glad to be on your happy list, thank you ali!

angie said...

we share love for the same toaster! but i am partial to the red!

cruststation said...

I love the Orla Kiely shop, I could so live there!
Love your lists as always, great finds.

I'm Andrea said...

I looooove your lists.