Friday, July 27

making me happy this week

1. Cabin time in Island Park and dinner with old friends.
2. The rich colors captured near Ashton, Idaho. (A bit dark, but those were my favorites.)
3. Brad's Threadless tee. I'm feeling the llama llove!
4. My office is finally near completion, though it still needs a little personalization and roughing up.
5. Deli-style Turkey sandwich with swiss, pickles, lettuce and "Italian dressing" at Ernie's.
6. Thunderstorms and miraculous lightning displays.
7. Beautiful Sabra.
8. The amazing color combination of gray and yellow-gold. (If I was a fashion designer I would undoubtedly be inspired to work this into my fall/winter collection. Maybe I'll work it into my house.)
9. My Jamie Anne rolled into town. For good.
10. This school-time fabric.
11. I found this book on super-sale at Anthropologie. Finally.

Happy Friday to all!


Sara said...

Ali Brighton your office looks fantabulous! I think I could get a lot done in that mellow yet cheery space of yours. Kudos to a job well done and for coming in under budget. . .something I seem to struggle with lately!

kelly said...

oh ali! i love your office's so you :) how nice to have a place like that. must be a pleasure to go to work! x

Tricia McKellar said...

Love that mouse print over your desk! :)

cruststation said...

Love your office, great work on the cork boards. Also love the vintage fan and beautiful hanging mobile.