Friday, September 7

making me happy

1. I was befriended by a dragonfly while sitting on the banks of the Snake River.
2.Venus Williams' tennis outfits. (Soon available at Steve & Barry's?)
3. Belle & Sebastian are out for female singers. (Thanks for the tip, Jo. Wish I had the courage.)
4. Valerie's encounters with doo-wop architecture.
5. Can't wait to use some USPS Vintage Mahogany Speedboat stamps.
6. SFGirlByBay's great way of telling us more about herself.
7. Playlist No. III composed by Les.
8. Can't say enough about this area. Which probably means I should try to write about it.
9. This video, via happy!blissful. Whenever asked who my favorite band is, my response is usually Pinback. I think they use their voices as instruments.
10. Absolutely perfect weather mixed with raucous rain storms.
11. This dress, even if it's not in season anymore.


alyson. said...

I love Pinback and I especially love that video. dlb got me the new album, a few days early. it's really really good.

jamieanne said...

Love the new tennis outfits Venus is sporting. A great mix of stylish and preppy.

lane said...

Wow--can't wait to see what Venus's clothes are like. The mind reels...