Thursday, September 6

school supplies, part II

My three best purchases this week. C and I ran to Office Depot to buy mailing envelopes but I struck out on my own and found some treasures.

Item 1) Mead Composition Notebook: part quad, part college-ruled. Comes complete with multiplication table, conversion table and grammar rules on the inside cover.

Items 2 and 3) Mead Pee-Chee Portfolios: design hasn't changed since 1987. (Kind of like those Jiffy muffin mixes, except they seem even older.) Perfect for holding my handouts from photo class.


laceyJ. said...

Cute finds, Ali! Can I borrow your extra folder at Photo Class? :)

jamieanne said...

I like that notebook. Half graph, half lined = heaven.

becky said...

hey! i love those folders! so old you and lacey want to hit dinner before our class next week? let me know!

Caroline said...

ha ha. i remember those folders from forever ago. i think my mom may have made me have them in elementary school and was embarassed by them.. yet now they are super cute to me.. times have changed.

p.s. i'd love to hit dinner with you gals before class next week if you have room for one more.. not to invite myself ... well i guess i just did.

lauracrow said...

that is the coolest mead composition book ever:)

lane said...

Dude! I just found out from Anne D's blog (icalldibbs)that Trapper Keepers are being reintroduced. Doesn't get much better than that.

These PeeChee's are pretty sweet, too.