Thursday, November 8

been tagged

Tag! I'm it.

jobs i've held:

-retail sales
-janitor (once as a kid, then again as an adult; what i'll do for a discount)
-stock girl at nordys
-staff writer
-flower girl (engh flowers, then flowerama, then home depot)
-congressional intern
-jr. editor

jobs i'd like to have:

-the person who picks the right song for the right moment in a movie
-writing for a fancy schmancy lifestyle/fashion/design mag
-photo stylist
-singer for cover band of sappy '70s songs, a la lisa bonet in "high fidelity"
-knit accessories designer

movies i watch over and over:

-eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
-raising arizona
-sixteen candles
-big fish
-the royal tenenbaums
-a christmas story

favorite reads, recent and old:

-to kill a mockingbird
-everything is illuminated
-dandelion wine
-the catcher in the rye
-extremely loud and incredibly close
-the history of love
-crossing to safety
-angle of repose

favorite things to do:

-pretty much anything with my family
-visit ghost towns/old places and get nostalgic and excited about writing
-go on walks with c on summer nights
-take photos
-scout out cool architecture with c
-go to island park with college buds
-find shoes that come in a size 5
-watch dance, or do a little dancing myself
-fill the bathtub and slip only my feet into the hot water for any number of minutes
-see grown-ups in halloween costumes while driving their cars
-talk to my friends
-sleep in with c

places i've lived:

-kalamazoo, michigan
-salt lake city, utah
-logan, utah
-laie, hawaii
-london, england
-washington, d.c.

favorite things to eat:

-guacamole with lots of lime
-jamie's salsa
-anything else with lime, except key lime pie
-bread pudding from st. martin-in-the-fields
-anything made by mom (lime chicken, spice cured pork tenderloin)
-grandpa's cucumber salad
-black and white cookie at lenny's

places i'd rather be:

-soaking in the tub
-sheridan, wyoming (in summer)
-getting my hair done
-at the top of the rockefeller center
-tucked away in the cotswolds

words i like the sound of:


now who's it:

-and anyone else who's willing....



jamieanne said...

Dear Ali,

Bad news: I tried on those disco ball shoes at Nordstrom. They come in a 5 1/2. It was too small for me. Immediately I thought of you.


P.S. I have dreams about that bread pudding in St. Martins crypt. Even though it was 100 degrees in there.

laceyJ. said...

Loved to ready this! How fun... you and I share a dream job: always wanted to be the producer of the movie soundtrack- how fun it would be...!

dede said...

This was fun to read! I love all your words that you like the sound!

Lyn Spataro said...

delurking to come out and say that i've always dreamed of being the person who chooses the right song for the right moment in a movie. that would be such an awesome job! love that you wrote that.

great site, thanks for sharing your many loves. i forget how i found your site, but i'm glad i did. ;)

sarah marie said...

me sarah?

laura said...

Cover band singer...I love that idea!

Joanna Goddard said...

you've lived in such a variety of places!

Kris said...

So one of my dreams is to have the perfect song for the perfect moment to really happen in my life--where I'm driving down a desert road and bam!...the perfect song or having a festive gathering and bam!...again the perfect song. So if your dream job comes true maybe you could someone facilitate my dream life come true :)

veeda said...

when did you live in Laie?

Joslyn said...

our movie list is identical!