Friday, November 9

fringe benefit

After its debut last time, many of you showed interest in Benefit's Dandelion powder. So I thought I would give it a little featurette. Little did I know that after I photographed it, I would misplace the beloved thing and suffer for one long week. It was soon recovered, and, as they say, absence truly made the heart grow fonder.

I've always been blessed (ok, cursed) with pale skin, but I had bright red cheeks as a kid. I look like I should still have that rosy visage, thus, sister tells me Dandelion is my secret weapon: brings just the warmth my face is in need of. To her chagrin, it doesn't have the same affect on her. It's like this stuff was made for me, and it smells good too.

Used and abused, it's my old reliable: my purse's pal of 3-4 years. When I get low, it's off to Sephora I go. But Dandelion might not be the best choice for you. There are also Hoola, Dallas and Georgia Peach, which I've always wanted to try but am afraid of switching to.

Dandelion, my heart (and face) are forever yours.



Sofia Barao said...

thank you for coming to my blog too :) hope you liked the trip !
Benefit, I love Benefit, I have Benetint and I adore it. Dandelion looks great too.

alyson. said...

mmm. georgia peach looks perfect! I'll have to make a trip to Sephora to check it out. {as if setting aside time to go to Sephora is difficult}

Jessica said...

Benefit has the best packaging....I love their little brushes.

jamieanne said...

Yes, indeed, Dandelion was made for you. It's amazing the way it instantly lights up your face.

Catherine said...

I am a sucker for the Badgal lash, but I am meaning to branch out, they ship to Australia now from their website so I am planning to put an order in. That dandelion is such a pretty colour!

traphic signs said...

i love love love the stuff too!!
do you mind if i use this photo you took?? everyonce in a while on my blog i do a "erin's travel bag" feature, (i travel ALOT) and dandelion is one thing i never leave without.

email me or drop by my blog and let me know!!

love your blog, and the photos you and your friend took in the salt flats. awesome!