Thursday, November 29

a card for me: thanks alligator

Found these cards today and am preparing to order a few. The product description reads, "The timid alligator lets his friend the finch do his talking."

When I was a kid I got called Alligator a lot. Now that my friends have kids, I'm getting called Alligator again. So, this card resonated with me. And I am sometimes a bit timid, depending on various factors. Who wants to be my finch? (I am usually the finch for C, whether he likes it or not, so he is not a candidate.)

Also check out the Octopus Party. And all the other great paperie products at Tiny McSmall.



Jessica said...

love love love...the colors and the characters are simply adorable.

jamieanne said...

I'll be your finch.

amy said...

what a sweet little alligator :)