Sunday, December 2

making me happy ... and not so much

01. Friends that act like and might as well be family. (Thank you, Vees!)
02. Getting first BIG storm on first day of December. So appropriate.
03. Scouting-out two packages of vintage ornaments at thrift store.
04. Shoppity-shopping for my swap partner. Oh yeah, and for my fam too.
05. Martha's bell-shaped glass ornaments.
06. Lacey's tribute to Wilco's "Not For The Season."
07. First seasonal viewing of Love Actually, just me + Sister.
08. Realizing how much I love that Kid Octopus in the movie.
09. And also moments like this one.
10. All the trimmings are hanging in the Oneity store---little globeys and all.
11. Two new Pola cameras for moi from C. Can't wait to see how they develop.
12. Signing up for the In The Moment Swap, and just in time.
13. Catherine's Christmas Pom Poms.
14. Spying my friend Katie in RealSimple. (You go, girl!)
15. Brewing up an ooey-gooey-but-oh-so-cute-and-tasty mess with Annie. (More to come on that, my friends.)

And on the contrary....

01. I missed the entire Beehive Bazaar due to Saturday morning's inclement weather. People, tell me some of the favorite things you spied! Pretty please. I'm dying, here.
02. I despise scraping snow off my car, even when it's pretty and freshly-fallen.

Hoping your weekend was a happy one.



alyson. said...

oh, love actually. I adore that movie.

and to add on your "moment", how great is his post confession "victory walk" paired up with Dido's Here with Me? I can't listen to that song without feeling that moment. :)

.caroline armelle. said...

i'll never forget the first time i watched the movie love actually.. well most of it.. my hubby and i were on our way to europe on a plane and in all the excitment i fell asleep and woke up to my hubby saying... "that may have been the best movie i have ever seen, and that is saying a lot because i absolutely HATE hugh grant." and he still holds to it.
ha ha
anyhow, i love the edited version his friends let us borrow.

p.s. #4 that happend to me last month and i was so happy with that find too!

and #14, pom poms definately make me happy too! they are strung around my entire christmas tree this year.. and fireplace and entry table.. and yes you know me i go a little overboard with things i like.

have a great week ali!

Catherine said...

I think everytiime I watch Love Actually one of the different story's will affect me, it's such a sad, happy, funny, movie I love that it holds all of those emotions.
Thank you for including my pom pom's on your list that's very sweet of you : )

laceyJ. said...

I really need to watch Love Actually, again, huh? Thanks for the motivation to do so!

I'm bummed that we didn't make the B.B. too; dang snow- too bad it was so pretty in all its haphazard, slippery masses!

(Anyone else having a problem with images today? They're not showing up for me. :( )

jamieanne said...

You really are just about the funnest person to hang out with. Even if we do make messes. And sometimes get in trouble for them.

Babelfish said...

This photo is SO lovely and romantic...

michelle said...

Oh man, what an awesome list! I just saw Love Actually a few days ago, and that scene right there, sooo romantic, I just love it! It should be a holiday staple around here too!

dulci said...

Love, Actually....The ULTIMATE girly girly sleepover movie :)