Thursday, November 15

erin's film: wendybird

Ellen von Unwerth directed Erin Fetherston's first fashion film last fall. I think stills like the one above are quite pretty: youthful + romantic. The film starred Kirsten Dunst. I pretty much love everything about "Wendybird."

You can see the film here.

p.s. Unwerth is known for a little erotica, so beware if you do any click-throughs.



Chelsea said...

LOVE this.

lola said...

this is gorgeous!

traphic signs said...

thanks for the permission!! i posted up your photo and links to your blog. thanks again!!

oh and have you seen the erin fetherston stuff in target yet? i spied it in our target in dallas last night. so fun and playful!!

keep up the great inspiration. ;)


Olivia said...

i love the idea of a fashion film... sigh...the postmodern world and the way it all bleeds together... cool, but also a little scary....