Friday, November 9

making me happy: here's to you

1. Carly's still life of Costa Rican cattle.
2. Wanting to string these tags from every doorknob in my house.
3. A peek at In(side) the Loop's absolutely beautiful home. (I swoon.)
4. Brad's photos of Costa Rican wildlife. The frog in particular.
5. Sofia's uhh-mazing artwork.
6. Allison's self portrait. I'll work on mine, Al, but it won't match yours.
7. Lacey's challenge. I'm totally in.
8. Brittany's bedtime.
9. Caroline, muchas gracias for filling my request with such thoroughness.
10. Jamie, thanks for your willingness to be my model.
11. Lane and Ash, thanks for making me examine myself.
11. Stephenie Meyer, thanks for making me less of a book snob.
12. My mouth is minus two cavities without too much pain. Props to Dr. Smart.
13. I heart these vintage ornaments. But I don't really know who to credit.
14. Comments from nice newcomers to the A + C. So fun to meet you all.

On the contrary (Warning: "Twilight/Eclipse" spoiler alert)

1. I thought Bella and Edward would be pulling out all the stops and having beautiful little vampire babies by the end of "Eclipse." Had no idea there are two more books to read before that might/will happen. Sheesh.
2. I have FOUR more cavities to go. Count 'em.

Ahh, yes. The good far outweighs the bad. Have a happy weekend, friends.



Bridgett said...

Can vampires have babies? I was wondering that when I was reading...Ooooooh I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. Great list.

ps. I feel your pain. Four crowns down, Eight more to go. I was blessed with sissy teeth.

In(side) the Loop said...

I look forward to these posts every Friday! Nice way to end the week.

mckenzie, ryan, craig said...

I'm inspired by you. you're beautiful.

brooke romney said...

I love reading your lists. I'm craving a little more Ali chit chat--I guess I'll have to wait for the summer. I loved your "tag," and I think you would be fabulous at all your "wanted" jobs!!!

laceyJ. said...

Glad your up for the challenge, Ali! As always, love your weekly list! Such great highlights.

Erica said...

wait...there are 2 more books... i thought there was one more....

love your blog by the way

allison said...

I always feel special when I make your list :)

I guess I need to read these vampire books everyone seems to love...

once again i love your list!

Green Apple said...

Oh those tags are super cute!!
By the way... did you get a chance to see the Darjeeling Limited yet? and if you did you enjoy it?? I saw it twice now... It makes me all giddy.

brandon & brittany said...

thank you! i'm glad i get to be apart of the happiness! :)

Catherine said...

Lovely list, I love the challenge idea, and the vintage ornaments, so sweet. I haven't heard of the vampire books, they sound like something I will have to investigate!

Olivia said...

Your happy lists always make me happy ali... as does the thought of ali and curtis together... i saw pam last night and asked about you guys and i just had to smile... you are one of my top ten couples. fo' real.

marta said...

oh ali.. you did it again. (made me smile with your list!) am glad you're devouring the twilight series and good luck with your teeth. (which i like to refer to as Teef.) you always manage to pull off being fabulous.

caroline said...

ok i swear i left a comment on this last night? i'm going crazy.
your very welcome for the tutorials.
and i'm so jealous of your little shoot and the salt flats. great job. next time count me in please!