Friday, November 2

making me happy

1. Dogs in costumes.
2. Kids in costumes that make them look life real-life stuffed animals ... or dinosaurs.
3. Gold leaves swirling around my car; making me feel like I'm in a movie.
4. Oh, Tannenbaum!
5. Approximately 40 photos of Jamie and myself in goofy glasses.
6. Mom's Halloween dinner:
a. homemade chili
b. pumpkin-shaped bread bowls
c. spider and owl linens.
d. classic, foggy witch's brew (homemade rootbeer, no less).
7. Lunch with my girls and their little girls. And little boy.
8. Schooling Curtis in Guitar Hero.
9. I like the way this photo of pretty ribbon turned out.
10. Rachel is still digging me. Or my blog. :)
11. I love Kelly's cuffs.

Happy, happy weekend.



lauracrow said...

happy weekend! homemade chili sounds good:)

jamieanne said...

LOVE the ribbon photo.
And the goofy glasses one too.

alyson. said...

mom's dinner sounds amazing. especially homemade rootbeer. I heart rootbeer.

and yes Ali, I agree. with our photo-foot-love, among other things, it'd be a fast friendship. :)

brooke romney said...

I really want to see the glasses photos!

kelly said...

happy weekend to you too ali!!

loving your loves : ) thanks for the mention! what a great time of year it is...enjoy! xxx

lane said...

This is a great photo, esp because you showed the rotten/holey apples, too. Makes the photo more interesting.