Monday, November 5

paumes, please

Here are a bunch of lovely books from Japanese Jea de Paume I wouldn't mind setting atop my nightstand, coffee table, bookshelf or inside my bag for frequent flipping of pages. Love the layout as well as the content.

Kids Rooms in Paris.
Female Artists Studios.
Souvenirs of Paris.

And many more. I don't know if I could choose just one. Or even just three. Does anyone own one of these?



lauracrow said...

yes! i bought the top left and bottom right books from amazon japan. well worth it! which reminds me, a friend borrowed them and has yet to return them. at any rate, they are full of lovely photos and inspirations....let me look around...i may still have the link to where you can buy them....

Jill said...

my classmate has these! she brough them to show me last year. i love the kids room one and the one with the kitchen on the cover. they are REALLY nice little books. fresh ideas, great colors. i'm excited you posted about them to remind me to buy them.

fine little day said...

Oh, I love these books.

Sofia Barao said...

I have the female artists studios and it's just pure eye candy, before I came to your blog tonight I was just looking through paumes website and just found out they have a new one about Stockholm that interests me a lot... well I guess I'll be doing a new list of their books for x-mas ;-)