Monday, December 31

flickr 2007

My photo most interesting this year was: flower + blondie
Second Place: girl on film
Third: girl with umbrella

My photo most viewed this year was: me + fall

My photo most favorited this year was: girl on film
Second Place: flower + blondie
Third: like candy

My photo most commented on this year was: me + fall
Second Place: sisters (pictured)
Third: flower + blondie

All in all, my blondie aka Bridgett takes the cake. I wish there was a little more light on her face, though. I'm a bigger fan of this one. Partially because she has such a breathtaking profile.

What does Flickr say yours were? (I'm tagging you.)



kelly said...

i love 'she shoots'...but i love that whole set so's very special ali + a testament to your talent! x

alyson. said...

oh, great post. I'll have to follow suit. I just signed up for my pro account...finally!

and... I've got a D80 coming in the mail, whoo hooo!

happy new year!

laceyJ. said...

This is a great idea... Don't think I'll have the results like you! But, still fun to see what the "stats" are... love your photos, missy! Can't wait to see more this year.

lauracrow said...

they are all beautiful! can't wait for new photos in 2008...
happy new year!

love.boxes said...

I don't have pictures on flikr, but I love yours. Those sisters are so pretty together like that. Gorgeous photo. :)

Jessica said...

you guys look pretty stunning in your photos - very beautiful atmospheric images.

Ever thought about selling any, maybe on the shiny squirrel?

Robin said...

You have done an amazing job with your photography this year. I can't wait to see more. Keep 'em coming on flickr!!

brooke romney said...

I love all of your posts and photos--the one of you is my fav too!! You are so so cute. Glad we've reconnected over blogging!

andrew & brittani said...

I love your hair, Ali. The short hair fits you well. I'm tempted to cut mine even more but I don't think I'd be able to pull it off.

Brad K. said...

Ali, I just barely checked my stats.

Here they are just for you.





My nubmers are pretty weak. I need to step it up in '08.