Wednesday, December 12

gingerbread goes eichler

Gotta love the modern gingerbread house. You wouldn't even have to worry about your icing sliding off the roof. It's a steep $88 at Red Envelope, but maybe you could just model your homemade rig after this one? The Spencers have it goin' on!



alyson. said...

love it, love it, love it!

Ashley A. said...

I want to live in an Eichler. Actually I want the house from the Incredibles. Yes, I know it's an animation.

This may be my favorite gingerbread house ever, right behind Robby's Spacetivity (which I jealously tagged.) "Take me to your leader" in white icing right next to the side window.

lauracrow said...

i love this! but at $88, i hope it comes with a tiny little person to put it together for me! xo

michelle said...

AH how cute!!!

Joanna Goddard said...

so hilarious. the spencers are super rad.

lane said...

Omigosh I love this!! I used to live in an Eichler that looked a lot like this one. (Remember the kitchen window? Doesn't it look ot like the long one on front here?

This is a cute idea, but I bet you could execute it better. Esp for $88.

Eichler + Spacetivity=best gingerbread houses ever.