Wednesday, December 12

swap: part I

Part 1: What I Gave

01. Love Actually. A no-brainer for spreading holiday cheer.
02. Soap & Glory body scrub. A new favorite.
03. A few new wintery polas by yours truly.
04. Favorite scalloped holiday gift tags from Marta.
05. Homey-made sweets. (More to come on that! Just ask sister.)
06. Pens, in two favorite colors and thicknesses. (Or thin-nesses.)
07. Pack of red tickets and big minty jingle bells, ready for her inventiveness.

All wrapped up in red cotton chord and twine, topped with pom poms and jingle bells and hard mints. Sometimes I get carried away with packaging. Who can resist a pom pom?

Part II Preview: I'm not worthy of what I received. Alexis was too good to me. And the girl can wrap. No pom poms necessary.



kelly said...

i'm all green-eyed!! you sure know how to put together the perfect swap missy : )

Jessica said...

Pom Poms are necessary no matter what you say!!! I love it.

dulci said...

I sent my swap off but I still haven't recieved any lovin'
I got swap scammed!

Sexy Lexi said...

I love your assortment! LOVE the movie, love the bells, cookies, PENS!, photo, and the twine! I ordered a spool of it just the other day and your photo has me itching to put it to good use already!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Your package looks awesome! I am sure your partner loved it!

brooke romney said...

Looks like lots of fun, and I love your wrapping. I could never fit in, I'm such a fan of a gift bad and tissue paper!

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh, seriously. You gotta let me post about this...the packaging is to die for.

And, um...I've never seen "Love Actually". I take it you think I should rent and watch it ASAP?

Jessica said...

Don't worry dulci, I'm in the same boat. Looking at Ali's loverly package cheers me up though, ha.

ali said...

Cheer up, Charlies. I know I was a little behind on sending my package (delivery confirmation tells me it just got there a day ago) and mine just arrived yesterday.

I'm sure they'll be arriving shortly! Just a busy time of year, right?

jamieanne said...

Minty! Probably one of my all time favorite words, when used properly.

Catherine said...

ooh what a gorgeous swap package to be sending off! I love your packaging, and those bells such a gorgeous colour. I had to go watch love actually again, after you blogged about it the other week, so lovely!

nicole hill said...

how adorable! i wish i had participated in this swap.

Alexis said...

Ali -

I got your swap package last night (perhaps I didn't see it sooner)...and I am in love. One of my favorite movies (and I don't already have it)! I cannot wait for the weekend. I plan on watching it while sipping on some hot chocolate and some yummy homemade marshmallows. ;)

And on another note – You have inspired me to start a blog and I just have to write about your pretty swap package. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for making my first swap experience so fabulous.

lane said...

Two words: Wow. I don't even own tap, much less pom-poms.

This is why I should never swap again, and leave it to the pro's!

ali said...

Alexis, where can I find your blog? And also, I'm sorry if my early post spoiled things for you. I was sure you had received the package already! But apparently not sure enough. :(