Tuesday, December 11

today, 10 a.m.

I call this one "Today, 10 a.m." but it was actually last Wednesday.
Why weren't there any birds out? That's what I really wanted.
No fair.

*This one got shipped off to the swap partner. Hoping she likes it.



Sarah said...

Hello Miss Ali.
This shot is pretty perfect without any birds!
Thanks for your sweet comment. I know, I have been a bad blogger of late. I hope to rectify it soon. Hope all is well with you. Hello to your sweet sister Miss J too :)

lane said...

I read a great sentence yesterday that described the sky as a canvas of mare's tails and pussy willows, cirrus and stratus and cumulo-nimbus. This picture reminded me of that.

Actually, the quote kind of reminded me of you! I love your skies.

jenny said...