Friday, December 21

making me happy

01. I love Alyson's Tiny Calendar so so much.
02. Art Week at A Cup of Jo. (She finds the greatest stuff; truly unique.)
03. Jordan became a mommy.
04. Liz became a mommy.
05. And in turn, Celeste became an auntie.
06. Le Ballon Rouge miraculously came to slc. Juno is finally here, too.
07. Whipping up an ooey gooey mess with sister. Her idea, and a good one.
08. Winter Wonderland. All white everywhere, with glowing lights beneath.
09. Finally booked another haircut. About time!
10. Eating my favorite pizza with almost the entire family.

Am sure many other great things went on this week, but have been a bit too busy to check on them. :(

But Christmas is coming ... and I have another white elephant gift to shop for.

Get ready!



Joanna Goddard said...

thank you for the link love and kind words! have a very happy holiday -- looking forward to more beautiful goodness on your blog next year! xoxo

100 Percent Cottam said...

i can't wait to see juno! it's on my christmas day wish list. we'll see if i can talk the fam' into it...

Amanda Conley said...

Aren't you supposed to just find something in your house to give as a white elepahant gift? If not, then I'm wondering how I ended up with vienna sausages at that last party I went to...

laceyJ. said...

Those 'mallows look yummmmy. (Let's go see movies together... I can't wait to see both.)

allison said...

I love your handwriting on that little card! and those mallows do look scrumptious. I'm liking your food pics!

lauracrow said...

your happy things always make me happy, too! if i don't "comment" again before, have a lovely christmas!!!

alyson. said...

oh my goodness, those marshmallows look divine.

and thanks for the sweet words about my calendar! it's my tiny bundle of joy. :)

wishing you the best!

Brooke Romney said...

The pizza and the treats look delish! Wish I were close enough to give them both a try.

liz s said...

i can't wait to see juno too! but with a two week old baby, i might have to wait for blockbuster to get it
ps celeste is the best auntie EVERjw

Robin said...

Darling photo!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Catherine said...

mm your marshmallows looks so yum! I love cooking little sweets and treat for christmas they do make the best little gifts. Have a wonderful christmas!