Saturday, December 22

under the tree

First round of presents are finally wrapped and cozying up under the tree. Unfortunately, they can't get too comfortable because they're to be given away this evening. Didn't mean for the gift wrap to get so cutesy, but methinks it's still pretty cute. No pom poms in this round, but you better believe they'll be on the next set---they'll be for the sisters.


-satin skinny ribbon re-used from swap partner
-red grosgrain ribbon
-polaroid image
-carnival tickets (aka gift tags)
-candycane bakers twine (unoriginal but irresistable)
-blue paper
-red paper
-jingle bells, big and little
-dottie bag re-gifted from Marta
-leftover Xpedx heart box from 2006

Hoping you're getting all your stuff "wrapped" up too. (Couldn't resist.) And let's get serious, what really matters is what's inside. And that you have it all ready to go by Monday, so you can just sit around and drink hot cocoa and sing carols and be with people you really like a lot.



100 Percent Cottam said...

ooh, lovely lovely! the tickets look oh-so nice.

yes, our tree, crammed to the brim with mickey & minnie wrapped oddly-shaped toys looks NOTHING like your elegant set-up. ah, but such it is! :)

merry, merry!

ali said...

Ha! Only because I don't have kiddos. I'm sure little ones would much prefer the m&m getup to this jazz.

P O S I E S said...

So cute! I've been tacking Polaroids onto gifts too:)

kelly said...

lovely wrappings!

merry christmas ali xxx

MissK said...

Hi,I'm the one who's just been through your archives,love your blog,have a lovely Christmas,wrapping is gorgeous.

lola said...

they're so lovely! wish you a merry christmas, ali!!

Laura said...

those packages are wonderful! love, love, love your blog!

Babelfish said...

Your wrapping is super-adorable! Loving the added jingle bells, polaroid and canival ticket detail.