Tuesday, December 18

navidad postcard

It's been months since I pulled out any of my collected postcards. I remembered this one the other day, and thought it was season appropriate. I have no idea what it says, but the penmanship is the most amazing I have ever seen. It's like it was written with the aid of a ruler to ensure straight lines, but certainly it wasn't. Just the perfection of a bygone era. And those flourishes and embellishments!

Click to enlarge; you'll see what I mean. (Wishing I had a higher-quality scanner right about now.)

Update: Thanks to Jo for translating the poscard via comment! And also, how great is this story?



jo said...

oh wow, it is wonderful! it's a birthday postcard writen by a woman called Eulalia, to her brother, Luis. it´s really sweet, she says she has a short intelligence and humble words, but she truly wants to show him how grateful her soul is and her love towards him. And on the left side, she wrote a poem about a girl and a flower :)

Krista said...

What an interesting collection! Such a good idea.

Gareth said...


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Jill said...

that is really beautiful

layersofmeaning said...

it's a postcard from a sister (Eulalia Bernal) to a brother (Luis Bernal). The poem (on the left side) is about a girl in the forest, she talks about a flower she finds.
On the right side she tells her brother that eventhough she might not be "too smart and her writing not too good", she is still able express her love and gratitude ("in her soul") towards him. She wishes him a very happy day and that he lives many more long years.

Joanna Goddard said...

beautiful xo

ime' said...

postcard-nya lucu banget :D

lagi jalan-jalan :)
salam kenal yah ;)

Ellen said...

I like that it's a Christmas postcard sent in August.