Thursday, December 20

oneity + me

I am lucky enough to get paid for working with this really sooper dooper cute kid's clothing company with great morals called ONEiTY. I'm not a mom, but I still get really excited when new products come in and new things happen.

a) ONEiTY has a lil' website as of last week.
b) ONEiTY is now selling shoes!
c) ONEiTY is having a bunch of giveaways on its blog this week.

If you go to the blog today, you can win this amazing set (pictured above) for your boy. Did I mention its all cashmere and so soft you'll wish it came in your size? And genuine leather, for the shoes?

Over at YHO we can't get enough of ONEiTY. And not just because they recently became one of our sponsors. You can read about them here ... and here.


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