Thursday, January 17

2007 vs. 2008

About this time last year, I was spending a lot of time in Park City and having some sort of identity crisis brought on by covering the Sundance Film Festival. The 2008 festival kicked off today, and I am stuck in Salt Lake without a ticket to one movie, let alone a little helper like last year's press pass.

Oh well, sounds like I didn't enjoy it that much anyway. (Was I really such a complainer? And wimp? And semi-cruel observer? Now there are some things needing fixing in '08.)



michelle said...

Dude, cool type on that photo, killer. I bet you will make the most of it, it sounds like fun either way!

jamieanne said...

Haha. That old post is funny.

lane said...

I remember this post. One of your readers--Jenny--had some awesome ideas for how to still manage to have fun at sundance. Check her tips on