Friday, January 18

making me happy

01. Pristine beauty shots at Baileys. Via A Room Somewhere.
02. Hallmark does Project Red, too. Via Design Crush. (A new fave blog.)
03. Photography and styling at :Refresh Agency. Via Oh Joy.
04. I want to display my photos like this. Via SwissMiss.
05. Milk Glass Collection at Mothology. Via Pink Wallpaper.
06. A simply beautiful photo by Jo.
07. MaggieNikole made my day with an e-mail and photos (just) for me.
08. Penguin paperbacks at AceJet 170. I have a thing for them, too.
09. The cutest DIY collage. Via Bloesem.
10. Harnessing my inner Thiebaud.
11. Celebrating with C on his day. He's top of the tops. Cream of the crop.

Thank you to all who provided encouragement and chimed in this week. So nice to see (read) so many new faces (voices). Have a fantastic mini break.

p.s. Wondering what to make of that indecipherable photo? Here's a hint.



Leslie said...

thanks for the link, ali! have a lovely weekend.

Joanna Goddard said...

have a nice long weekend! i love penguin paperbacks too:)

Robin said...

I do love your cupcake photos!

layersofmeaning said...

ohh... i love that picture!

laceyJ. said...

Happy birthday to C! He is top of the tops!

Suzanna Mars said...

I must have the mini-bugs from the milk glass link.

Milk glass itself is such an interesting thing, conceptually. They say the glass reminds them of Italy's southern beaches, and yet to me it is a pure example of Depression Americana and the sturdiness of people.

jamieanne said...

#11 is debatable. Well, the first sentence is true. But the last 2 are definitely questionable.

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Oh my, what sweetness!

jo said...

i´m so happy and honored to be on your list!!!

loved the diy collage!

happy weekend!

lauracrow said...

hope you're having a lovely weekend, ali! thanks for all the happy links :) xo