Tuesday, January 29

brrr ... a winter mix

I sent off my lil mix for Alyson's cd swap quite a while ago, but it appears to have finally made it into the hands of at least one of my recipients. (Jo knows how to make anything charming; look at her photo.) I opted to make a winter mix---maybe to help me get through the dreaded months. Who knew there were so many songs about the cold landscape, snowflakes, winter stars, etc? I had a hard time making cuts.

I don't think this one's a masterpiece due to complications with overall flow, and I threw in a flew oldies that I'm not sure had no flow, but it was fun to orchestrate anyway. I've always looked at mix-making as an opportunity to give a song new context. So, some were chosen for obvious lyrical reasons, others because they sound like winter to me, and others still because that's when I came to love them and so they feel like winter to me.

Here's what went into it:

01. what the snowman learned about love: stars
02. elevator love letter: stars
03. stars: the weepies
04. cold december: matt costa
05. just for now: imogen heap (this one is on the mix she made for me, too. love it.)
06. the way i am: ingrid michaelson
07. ain't no sunshine: bill withers
08. winterlong: pixies
09. a winter's sky: the pipettes
10. it's snowing: dennis driscoll
11. snowflake music: mark mothersbaugh
12. your legs grow: nada surf
13. coming in from the cold: the delgados
14. winter on vistoria street: the clientele
15. mushaboom: feist
16. california dreamin': the mamas and the papas
17. winter wooskie: belle & sebastian
18. eyes: rogue wave
19. star of wonder: sufjan stevens
20. i wish you love: rachel yamagata

You can preview the mix here, if you so desire.



fifi said...

great cd! the words to mushaboom by fiest are like my personal life mantra! except of course, instead of there being snow there would be burnt dry paddocks!

also totally dig bill withers and mama cass appeared in my dream last night!

lane said...

i want one! that cd cover collage is amazing too, Al. I wish you had time to do that stuff more often. you're a natural.

jamieanne said...

Where's mine? I always count on you to show me to cool stuff.

Summer said...

I just noticed this mix in the archives of your site. Such wonderful music. Plus, it's always nice to find someone else who listens to Dennis Driscoll (we're actually in a duo band together!)

P.S: Your site is FABULOUS.