Wednesday, January 30

one plus one by lover

A few looks I appreciate from Lover's fall 2007 collection, called "One Plus One." The secret might be in the shoes. They're making me antsy for spring.



aimee heff said...

I am itching for spring too. Winter always seems so much longer than any season to me.

Use the 2.5 hours that is There Will Be Blood and do something uplifting in your life. Amazing acting but it is depressing. It is violent. Not as bad as others I've seen but still close-my-eyes kind of violent.

Love up Curtis for a couple hours. You will feel happier. And if you are still curious when it come out on DVD spend a nothing-to-do kind of night watching it and let me know if you get it.

alyson. said...

love that dress

Suzanna Mars said...

I have purchased a spring fragrance that smells of lilacs, cucumber (standing in for rain), and wheat (standing in for dough?). And yet it is as cold here as it has been all winter, so I have not broken the seal.

The outfits you post are just the type of thing that I'd have worn with buffalo sandals back in the seventies, or platform huaraches. I haven't seen a good platform huarache in years, so the given sneakers are a great substitute and I think more playful!

Jana said...
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JESS said...

I am thrilled to learn about Ms. Famous! I have never met anyone else in Utah (besides our breeder) who had a griffon. Usually people just say, "A brussels what?"

Jack's full name is Jack Bauer, after Jack Bauer (named by the hub) & I think he and Ms. Famous would make quite the pair! Like I said, he is a little lover.

Cute post (as usual), I am in love with outfit numero uno.

erica said...

The blue dress is amazing. I cannot wait for spring, too. I am tired of the short days and frigid temperatures.

Catherine said...

ooh Ali more australian fashion goodness! Lover has some very beautiful clothes. I once watched a tv show about the couple behind the label and the brand name is perfect for them, they are so sweet together and in love!