Monday, January 7

sundance office

I usually spare myself the pain of browsing the Sundance Catalog of which I can purchase maybe .01 percent of the collection. But I saw these Draper Cabinets and I was accidentally in love. I would pack them with paperback novels and coffee table books and white-spined magazines and letterpress calendars of years gone by. Someday.

Draper Cabinets here.
Wordsmith hook here.
Wire storage collection here.
and I also like the wirework rack here.



Jane Flanagan said...

Oooh I love that bookcase. And your blog - I read it "cover to cover" over the Holidays. Bliss!

Jessica said...

that is definitely a pipe dream I wouldn't mind having. I have so many little knick knacks and things I have collected that would fit so nicely in there.

Marci & Daniel said...

I was just about to post this pic on my blog. You beat me. Nice taste :)

ambika said...

They have really lovely jewelry, too.