Sunday, January 6

making me happy

01. Love this 2008 design from James White. (Pictured above.)
02. Ms. Spinach liked my tickets. Woohoo!
03. 3191 is soon to be in book form.
04. Photography by Sharyn Cairns. Via Desire to Inspire.
05. Spoons that drain the milk from your cereal.
06. I like You + Me even better than For Like Ever. Via Clemantine.
07. An antler chandelier dripping with streamers at 12:01 a.m.
08. Finding new blogs to know and love. Everyone is so awesome + creative.

Happy 2008. Happy new beginnings. Happy clean slate. Happy new day.

I'm off to journal some favorite 2007 memories, less I forget.



brooke romney said...

I'm so happy there is another milk strainer. I knew I like you--and didn't like milk!

Amanda Conley said...

I love your "making me happy" lists! Good idea...lists are the best!

Jessica said...

outstanding collection of links. I love the antler chandlier and the spoons you have selected.

lauracrow said...

i like "you and me" better than "for like ever", too! thanks for the link!