Wednesday, February 27

my funny valentine

(images by yours truly)

Can't polish off February without making sure you saw this wonderful spread in Teen Vogue. I don't think it could get any better than this. (One more page already shown here.)

My Funny Valentine
Teen Vogue, February 2008
Arthur Elgort, photographer
Beth Fenton, fashion editor
Lauren Waterman, writer
Dai Michishita, hair
Elaine Madelon, makeup
H. Timothy Grady, production



Michelle said...

These are really sweet. I love that fabric you have behind the magazine, so natural and so pretty.

fine little day said...

Playful and colorful, ah just the way I like it! Magazines, one of the worlds greatest invention.

jamieanne said...

This was one my all time favorites too.

lauracrow said...

i loved this layout, too. i recently got a subscription to teen vogue sort of by accident and i've just been loveing it!

platinum blonde said...

i am 26 and teen vogue is right up there as one of my favorite magazines...this shoot is great

Ashley L. said...

i love teen vogue. i buy it sometimes just for the photography! however, i haven't purchased one in quite some time...but your post may have been the needed inspiration to go and pick one up! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments of liking the shoot. It was very fun to work on. Elaine Madelon (makeup)

JO said...

This was my all-time favorite shoot from TeenVogue!! I also LOVED your pictures of them, they are adorable!
...loove your blog :D