Thursday, February 28

tell me

Sister pointed out to me how funny and awesome and maybe sad the artwork is that hangs above the couch in this room, featured in Domino: "Tell me when I am no longer needed and I shall go."

They're actually tea towels by Third Drawer Down from There are some similar designs here, but I still like the above one very best.



Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, that tickles my fancy. And my funny bone, too! So cute.

Jacinda said...

This made me a little weepy. That's one deep tea towel.

Robin said...

I noticed that in the magazine and liked it a lot.

Sarah said...

Yes this is my favourite of the Third Drawer Down collection. But I think this one is sold out?? See, I don't see it as sad. I see it as if you have someone helping you out, or watching over you, especially when things get tough, and as soon as you get back on your feet again, they can leave.
Is that strange?

ali said...

No, not strange. I think the interpretation is the fun part.