Friday, March 28

making me happy

aka The Things I Might Have Blogged About If It Wasn't Amelie Week:

01. Lauren & Whitney's Parisian ensembles were tres chic. Especially Whitney.
02. JCP finally makes a shirt that might be worthy of its cool ad campaign.
03. Methinks these are kind of cute. In brown.
04. These little bugs are pure fun. KJL does it again!
05. Revisiting these magnificent quilts.
06. Cute dresses and things and nice music at Shumaq.
07. Daddy Braddy and Mommy Maeve. (Welcome little Miles! I love your hair.)
08. I love all of Haik Kocharian's photos but especially this one.
09. I daresay a church party never looked so cute as Jordan's.
10. I liked to look out into blogland and wonder how many of us might have been watching Amelie at exactly the same time. I hope more than fifteen. Especially you, Alyson and Ann.

p.s. I think I have some more Amelie for next week. I didn't have time to get it all in. And yes, there will be more movie weeks to come. Thank you for your comments and for sharing your stories. I loved reading them.

p.p.s. Now I've got to catch up on all of you. I'm terribly behind.



Design Addict said...

Thank you so much for Amelie week! I'm am listening to the song you posted from it right now. I didn't have a chance to watch it this week but I'm so watching it this weekend.

marie said...

i loved your amelie week! j'adore i just wanted to say merci!

Olivia said...

i, too think the idea of amelie week was ingenius. have you watched jeunet's other films? his sensibility is pretty freaking amazing. and i liked how you mentioned "the science of sleep," one of my fave films of 2006. in short i commend your movie taste, your creativity and your general awesomeness.

emily said...

oh, how lovely! i see that i caught the tail-end of amelie week, but i had such a lovely time looking over them all. amelie is one of my favorite movies. it's true!

you have a lovely little blog here, by the way! i will definitely be back. :)

love.boxes said...

Loved Amelie week and can't wait for more!

Eggman Studios said...

Loved your Amelie week (and your entire blog, really)! It inspired me to rewatch the film again last night. :)

Seems like I can't go two months without needing my Amelie fix...

Chelsea said...

Aren't the Quilts of Gees Bend amazing?

allison said...

ali, I love your tribute to Amelie this week... one of the most inspirational movies ever, and everyone needs to see it! Thanks for making me want to pull it out and watch it again :)

lauracrow said...

i've missed your blog so much! i totally agree about whitney's paris dress...the girl has just got it down. :))

brooke romney said...

So, JC Penney makes a cute shirt, then charges $60 for it, I know, I'm cheap, but really, 60 at Penneys??